Living Room Furniture

Contemporary living room furniture gives people a sense of comfort but still retains a stylishness that simply speaks of the owner’s great taste.

But what really defines contemporary furniture? What sets it apart from the furniture that our ancestors once used? You may think antique furniture also looks great but it doesn’t give your living room that interesting look that’s sure to captivate your guests. With contemporary living room furniture, you can go crazy and just let your creative juices flow. You wouldn’t have to stick to those boring shapes of old like squares and circles and rectangles. You can choose an irregular shape for your sofa like S’s, oblongs, kidneys, you can even choose a shapeless blob, and nobody would accuse you of being tasteless. Contemporary furniture allows you to choose between symmetry or asymmetry, or somewhere in between. You can even choose different fabrics for your chairs… vinyl, cotton, or velvet, anything that tickles your fancy. Colors can range from drab gray to electric blue to shocking pink, anything could look good, and you won’t have to stick with the boring browns and whites of most antique furniture. It truly is impossible to go wrong with contemporary living room furniture.

But the best thing about contemporary furniture lies not in its comfort, or even in its practicality. The best thing about contemporary furniture is that it speaks of who you are. When guests enter the living room, they won’t feel like they’ve just walked into a painfully formal and impersonal living room of the 17th century. Instead, they would be greeted by a room with a contemporary flair that simply speaks of the owner’s personality… be it spunky, funky, elegant, fetch, feral, or saucy. Contemporary furniture really is for everyone.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

The first choice you will want to make regarding kids bedroom furniture is style. Knowing what style you are looking for can make shopping a lot easier. Weather you are shopping for an infant or a pre-teen, there are many styles available today. Things to consider are gender, the style of the room and the child’s personality. If the child is old enough, consider getting them involved in choosing the style, as this will make the child feel integral in the decisions and be able to have a room they feel most comfortable in.

Another thing to consider when purchasing kids bedroom furniture is safety. Furniture varies quite a bit in this area. In many cases, what you pay for is what you get, but that is not always true. Consider seeing the furniture in person to test its stability. Also, keep in mind the little things that can be a problem for little people such as loose parts, dangerous heights and oddly shaped pieces.

Since children tend to grow quickly and often, you may want to consider versatility when shopping for kids bedroom furniture. There are many beds available today that are designed to grow with the child. Purchasing a crib that changes into a bed for a toddler can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Whichever style, brand or variety of kids bedroom furniture you choose, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Just keep in mind the most important things, safety and comfort. Your child will thank you for the great nights sleep they will have in the bedroom of their dreams.

Wicker Sunroom Furniture

There is no plant called “wicker”…the term refers to the method in which the chosen material – rattan, bamboo, willow, or other sturdy but pliable plant fibers – are woven together -usually through a rattan framework – to form anything from baskets to tables to chairs.

When materials of good quality are used, and the vines are woven properly, wicker furniture should last for decades – with normal use. Indeed, some wicker antiques of the Victorian period are still in use today. This is because the materials that make wicker – rattan, etc., is filled with fibers running lengthwise, similar to a cable. Such a vine bends, therefore, but does not splinter and break as wood does.

Today, wicker furniture is not limited to the loveseat and chair set of the past. Practically any piece of furniture in the house – including desks, wall units and chests of drawers – can be made of wicker these days.

As with any type of furniture, you can buy wicker in single pieces or in complete sets, for the sunroom, living room…even the bathroom!

A set of chairs to surround a matching table are usually the first things chosen for a sunroom, but for a change of pace you can get loveseats – with room enough for two, ottomans – which are not only footstools but also couches without backs. Swings, rockers, wing chairs and loungers are also available, and to finish off the matching decor of the room there will be such accessories as pot stands, mats, decorative baskets, and even wall hangings.

Dual Functional Furniture

Sometimes you’re bound to share a dorm room with one or two other roommates, cutting down on quite a bit of space. Usually dorm rooms will come with beds and desks, but in the event that your college dorm doesn’t offer that, consider investing in a bed and workstation set-up. Affordable and serving two functional purposes, these set-ups consist of a top bunk and space beneath to fit either a bottom bunk or workstation such as a computer desk. And if you do decide to move out of the dorms and into your own apartment, this type of bed configuration can be easily taken apart and transported to your next home.

Futon or sofa beds are another dual functionality and space saving option you might want to invest in for your dorm. Guests are bound to stay over at your place and having them sleep on your dorm’s sofa might not be the most comfortable option; with futon or sofa beds at least you’ll know that your guest will be able to sleep on a newer (and possibly cleaner) piece of furniture. To reiterate, if and when you move to an apartment you’ll have one less furniture item to purchase and it conveniently serves two separate purposes – sleeping and lounging.

While space will be an issue when living in a college dorm, it can be dealt with if you have the proper furniture. Doubling up on furniture functionality will serve you well in regards of space and finances during and after your college career.