Dual Functional Furniture

Sometimes you’re bound to share a dorm room with one or two other roommates, cutting down on quite a bit of space. Usually dorm rooms will come with beds and desks, but in the event that your college dorm doesn’t offer that, consider investing in a bed and workstation set-up. Affordable and serving two functional purposes, these set-ups consist of a top bunk and space beneath to fit either a bottom bunk or workstation such as a computer desk. And if you do decide to move out of the dorms and into your own apartment, this type of bed configuration can be easily taken apart and transported to your next home.

Futon or sofa beds are another dual functionality and space saving option you might want to invest in for your dorm. Guests are bound to stay over at your place and having them sleep on your dorm’s sofa might not be the most comfortable option; with futon or sofa beds at least you’ll know that your guest will be able to sleep on a newer (and possibly cleaner) piece of furniture. To reiterate, if and when you move to an apartment you’ll have one less furniture item to purchase and it conveniently serves two separate purposes – sleeping and lounging.

While space will be an issue when living in a college dorm, it can be dealt with if you have the proper furniture. Doubling up on furniture functionality will serve you well in regards of space and finances during and after your college career.